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Plant Tycoon Version 1.0
PLATFORM: Palm OS: 3.5 or later
MEMORY: Device with 700kb RAM available
Compatible Devices

US $ 19.95


Treo 90-180-270-600-650, Palm Zire 21-31-71-72
Tungsten T,T1,T2,T3,T5,C,E,E2,W
Sony Clie NX,NZ,TJ,PEG N760,TX,TG50,UX series
Garmin iQue,Kyocera,Samsung,Tapwave Zodiac1-2, LifeDrive
Game Description    

Plant Tycoon ™ is a gardening sim where you nurture your plants, within a budget, and make them grow and increase in value.

The object of this tycoon game is to discover the 4 MAGIC PLANTS including the Magic Fruit of Life. Each magic plant will give you permanent enhancements and abilities that will bring fortune and fame to your Nursery. You will discover these magic plants by cross-breeding plants and solving the genetic riddle.

You start with a couple of dollars, a handful of seeds, some soil and water. Grow plants, organize and harvest seeds. Monitor the plants health, age and maturity and be careful of dehydration and infestations. Sell some of your creations to fund your research and to buy better supplies to use in your Nursery. Discover the 4 magic plants and GET RICH!

With Plant Tycoon ™ you will have a chance to test your gardening skills and business skills at the same time!

Do you have a Green Thumb?


REAL-TIME! – Runs also while your Palm OS is off
A new Tycoon Game for Palm OS
Strategy- Adventure- Puzzle all combined in one unique game!
Multiple approaches to solving the game are possible
Discover from hundreds of possible breeds
Plenty of upgrades
Different levels of difficulty
3 levels of game speed
The game is easy to learn but difficult to master.
New surprises every time you turn on your Palm OS!
Sampled sounds optimized for Palm OS 5.0
  "LDW has taken their original concept of a virtual pet for your PDA and brought it to a whole new level" David Eaton, PDArcade
  "If you thrive on games like The Sims or Rollercoaster Tycoon, you may find Fish Tycoon and Plant Tycoon to be just what you've been looking for! " Heather Wardell , Computing Unplugged
"Plant Tycoon is really great fun. It will keep the winter blahs away from the greenest of thumbs and will also give hope to those of you who can't even get a potato to root. Great idea, highly playable. Highly recommended." Lianne,  
"Plant Tycoon has earned my coveted PocketGoddess "Perfect 10" award, as well as a permanent spot on my Tapwave Zodiac. Enjoy, and happy gardening!" Pocket Goddess
"Iíve had the game for a week at this point and have already discovered that every spare minute you have is taken up with ìIím just checking on my plants." Alsicole, Daily Gadget
"LDW Software, the makers of Plant Tycoon, has raised the bar for the ìsimî genre of Palm OS games. I found many reasons to absolutely love this game, and I think you will too." Erik Falk, PDA Buyer's Guide
  "...while Plant Tycoon is a very easy game to ìdrop intoî and start playing, it is a brain-bender to solve!:) Clie Queen, PDA 247  


  "....surprisingly addictive once you've been running your nursery for a while" Palmtop User  
    "An entertaining sim game for the green fingered among you" PDA Essentials  










  Plant Tycoon is a very addicting game which will keep you tuned for days." Bityard Magazine
"Plant Tycoon per il Vivaista Virtuale. Un gioco di pazienza, abilita' e ibridazioni" Pdassi Italia
  "excelente juego de tiempo real" PDA Mexico
"I spent more time on this game than I did working some days!" Happy Palm
"I love Plant Tycoon! I have played many Palm OS games, tried every tycoon game for Palm or PC and have never run accross one so thoroughly entertaining! Handango Users



This *IS* the MOST AWESOME game! I was immediately hooked. Couldnt' quit. It was like an obsession! Must look at plants. Must look at plants! Must look at PLANTS! Palmgear Users

"Vegetarian and Seafood Lovers Buffet" Tapland
  "Plant Tycoon starts slowly but soon snowballs into something great." Game Freaks 365
  "I haven't posted a Gear Diary entry for the last couple of days, because I was too busy practicing at being a Plant Tycoon..." Judie's Diary, The Gadgeteer












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