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I cannot find the register window in the game
1) Run Plant Tycoon and start a normal game (make sure you are in the main screen where you see all the pots)
2) Access the menus (this varies from device to device but there is always a button to activate the drop-down menus )
3) Select help --->'register' from the menus and you will find your "hotsync ID" and a place to enter your code
5) Enter the registration code and your game will be fully activated.

I thought Plant Tycoon had enhanced sounds, but on my Clie is has very simple sounds. What gives?

The Sony line of Palm OS products has different ways of handling sounds, and at present it is only possible to hear the WAV and sampled sounds on Palm brand 5.0 devices.

Why do some of my plants die each night, but other ones are fine?
Probably some of your plants are more exotic breeds and require better soil. Anytime a plant is steadily dying, you can suspect poor soil quality.

I'm sure I'm using good soil, but some of my plants keep dying at night. Why?
If your soil is good but your water is not, you may be getting more infestations than you should. Start thinking about investing in better water.

How am I supposed to use the mutation liquid?
Mutation liquid will change the genetic makeup of a seed, but only as it is being developed. Once a plant has been pollinated, but BEFORE it is producing seeds, mutation liquid can be effectively used.

How do I find the Magic Plants? I've discovered dozens of breeds but I can't figure out how to find the magic ones.

The Magic Plants are hidden in the genetics of the seeds in the game. The correct combination of breeding will produce them, but there are many combinations. If you seem stuck, save some of your more rare seeds, and start a completely new crop with purchased seeds. Another way to get 'unstuck' is to pollinate plants with themselves, then mutute them!













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