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Pocket Paigow 1.4
For Palm OS and Zodiac
Palm OS 3.1 or later

US $ 9.95

PLATFORM: Palm OS 3.1 or later
COLOR Palm OS or Clie
B & W support
MEMORY: Device with 100kb RAM available.
Game Description  

Pocket Paigow ™ is Pai Gow Poker for your Palm OS or Sony Clie where the dealer uses actual strategy similar to casinos and shows you how he would play your hand.


The best Pai Gow game available for Palm OS
or Sony Clie devices
Keeps statistics on wins, losses, and commissions
Dealer feedback makes it easy to learn, hard to stop playing
Settings to simulate odds when playing as 'the bank
Addictive game play!
Fast, crisp graphics and sound
Try it free!
Runs on all COLOR palm pilot devices

Awarded 5-out-of-5 cows Tucows
"Like poker? Then you'll love this. Well laid-out and highly entertaining version of a great game." Handango User
"It actually helped me learn how to play the game." Palmgear User







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