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I've run out of 'cash'! How do I get more ?
You can always get more 'cash' in the game, in both the registered and unregistered versions. To get more 'cash', access the drop-down menus by clicking the drop-down menu button on your Palm OS device, and select the 'Get Cash' menu. Alternatively this can be accessed by drawing a 'c' in the graffiti text area of your palm.

Will these programs make me rich? Will I win in the casino?
No. If you have been making errors in basic strategy, these programs can help you to reduce some of your losses. The casino essentially always has a significant edge, and let's face it--they don't build giant sparkling casinos in Las Vegas to give away money.

What kind of return can I expect for Pai Gow, Video Poker, etc?

You can expect a negative return when you gamble, in general. Some of our games state your approximate long-term expectation (if you were to play thousands of hands) in terms of percent return. For example, Video Poker Teacher teaches a basic strategy, when used on 'Full Pay' machines, of approxomately 99.46%. That means that in the long term, of your $100, you might see around $99.46 of them after many thousands of hands of perfect play.

What is deck penetration in EZ Blackjack?

Deck penetration in EZ Blackjack is a measurement of how far into the deck or shoe the blackjack dealer has dealt. Blackjack is one of the few casino games that allows the player advantage by keeping track of which cards have been dealt, so greater penetration is desirable.

What is a 'Full Pay' video poker machine?

A 'Full Pay' video poker machine is a machine that pays the full payout for a given hand in video poker. Many casinos have set their machines to pay less on one or more winning hands. A typical 'Full Pay' machine, for example, will pay 9-to-1 for a full house and 6-to-1 for a flush. With 'Jacks or Better' types of machines, these are often referred to as a 9-6 machine, or 'Full Pay'.

Are there other variations of Video Poker available besides "Jacks or Better"?

Video Poker Teacher is planned to include additional rule sets in the future, but for the time being it only corresponds to "Jacks or Better" type video poker machines.

I've registered one of your products, but I still see that its the trial version. What's going on?

When you register our casino games, you will be directed to a screen where you can download the full version. Occasionally this doesn't work correctly, and sometimes people download it but get it confused with the original trial version that they had downloaded earlier. If you are still stuck and you have registered it, go to and tell us where and (roughly) when you registered it, and we'll help you.













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