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There are so many Little Palm Pets in need of a good home!
Little Palm Pet Version 1.3
For Palm OS and Treo 650/600
Palm OS 3.5 or later

US $14.95

PLATFORM: Palm OS, Treo, Sony Clie
OS: Palm OS 3.5 or later
MEMORY: LOW-RES : Device with 151kb RAM
HI- RES : Device with 500kb RAM
Game Description      

Little Palm Pet™ is a virtual pet for your Palm OS device.This pet has features similar to those of a Tamagotchiô and a desktop Pet.

Come visit them, and find one that you like. Feed your pet, keep him clean, and teach him many tricks. Your pet will learn from you what he should--and should not--do! Watch your pet grow old, and watch his behavior change. Give him medicine when he needs it or he might die! When he dies, if you are lucky, he might return from the grave.


Generates thousands of unique pets with their own look and personality!
Different toys to give to your pet
REAL TIME! Runs also while your Palm OS is off
Pet learns from your actions: reinforce or inhibit behavior
Try it free!
Runs on all COLOR palm pilot devices
Handango Expert Review

"The LDW Pet is a fun pastime to get you through the day"
David Eaton, PDArcade

  "If you grew up with the Tomogotchis, Little Palm Pet could be a great replacement for those magical and earlier times of your life." Bityard
  "Little Palm Pet gets un upgrade" Bityard
  "...it's fun to watch your pet chase the mouse all over the yard while your device is in the cradle." Pocket Goddess
  "The LDW Pet is a great little piece of software. It is very simple to use, extremely straight-forward in its use, and fun all at the same time. "
Bargain PDA
"If you liked Tamagotchi, you will love this game. I am also sure that kids will enjoy this game a lot." PDA Avenue







"I think this game is wonderful for when you just need a break, without all the action, you are simply tired and need a few minutes to watch this puff ball bound across the screen, you can give him a good combing and feel a bit better about the day." Clie Queen, PDA 247


"The Little Palm Pet is adorable. Interactive, cute, addictive!" Handango User
"Cute...my 6-year-old daughter loves it."Palmgear User





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