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I cannot find the register window in the game
1) Start a game, adopt a pet and make sure you are in the garden with all the toys.
2)Click on the drop down menus and go to help-->register
3) You will find your Hotsync ID and a place to enter your code
4) Enter your registration code and the game will be fully unlocked

How do I unlock the locked toy boxes?

It's not very hard. Take good care of your Little Palm'll figure it out.

My Little Palm Pet died, but his full age is not correct in the cemetery. What gives?
You are on an old build. Write to us for a "pet-safe" updated version.

I have a Little Palm Pet in the trial version and I want to install the registered version. What will happen to my pet?
He will almost always survive (about 90%), and probably be very pleased with you for the upgrade. To be extra cautious, back up important data on your palm first if you are choosing to do this.

I have a Little Palm Pet registered version and now I have a newer release. Can I install it without killing my pet?

Yes, we are careful to make the new releases "pet-safe". Still, we recommend you either back up your important Palm data, or wait until your current pet finishes his life, then erase LPP and do a clean install.

My pet got sick. Now what do I do with the meds?
You drag the meds onto your pet when he is outside the house. Meds are strong but work slowly, so be patient and give them a little time to see if they work. Sometimes more than one dose is needed, but only after waiting a while!

My pet won't come out of his house.
There are two things to try here. First, you can tap on him in his house. This is not the same as spanking your pet, and sometimes tapping his house a few times will encourage him to pop out, at least briefly. Secondly, you can turn off the game and come back a while later. Even if he is cranky or sick, you may catch him outside his house this way.

How can I change Pet?
1)Make sure you are in the main screen and you see the pet in the garden
2) Click on the drop down menus on your device
3) Go to Help--> Give Up Pet for Adoption

My Pet died. How can I get it back?
You can't. However, when a Little Palm Pet dies, the game displays a special number called the Pet Key #. If you feel that your Little Palm Pet was extraordinary, you can submit this number and his story through our support form and it will be considered for the Little Palm Pet Hall Of Fame.













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