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LDW Software is San-Francisco based independent game development studio. We develop and publish software for Windows Pc, Mac, Palm OS and Windows Mobile™ Pocket PC. We specialize in games that bend the definitions of existing genres and run in true real-time.


Our latest line of games use real time gaming engines. These games appear to continue functioning even when the device is turned off, giving a truly unique sensation of continuity.

Our line of casino game applications are leaders in the market for games that teach correct casino play. Although you can never beat the casinos, it is possible to use statistically correct strategies to reduce the 'casino-edge',increase your long-term expectation at the casino and make you a better player.


Arthur Humphrey – CEO and Lead Designer
Carla Humphrey – Executive Producer
Barbara Bell – Director of QA and Testing
Walter Humphrey – Engineer
George Hu – Original Art, Illustrations, Web Design








LDW Software, LLC
20885 Redwood Rd. #203
Castro Valley, CA 94546

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