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Fish Tycoon Version 1.1
PLATFORM: High resolution color Palm OS 5.0 or later
MEMORY: Device with 1290kb RAM available
Compatible devices

US $ 19.95

Treo 600, Treo 650 Tungsten T,T1,T2,T3,T5,C,E,E2,
Zire 31-71-72, Sony Clie NX,NZ,TJ,TX,TG50,UX series,
Garmin iQue,Tapwave Zodiac, LifeDrive
Game Description    

Fish Tycoon is a fish breeding sim game where you breed and care for exotic fish in a true real-time virtual aquarium.

The object of this fish game is to discover the 7 MAGIC FISH of ISOLA and restore the island to its former glory.
You start with a small selection of fish, some money and a tank. You must breed them, care for them, help them grow, and cure them if they get sick. Along the way you can buy supplies, medicine, research technologies or invest in advertisement to enable you to discover rarer and rarer species until you find the Magic Fish. All of this will be financed by selling exotic hybrids in your shop.
The game runs in TRUE REAL-TIME, so that if your device is turned off or you exit the game, hours later small fish will have grown larger and new surprises await you.

Infrared Beaming

REAL-TIME! Keeps going even when your palm is off!
New surprises every time you turn on your device!
Extremely Addictive and Unique Style of Gameplay
Genetic Puzzle: discover which breeding combinations will create the 7 Magic Fish
Strategy Game: test your business skills and aquarium skills
at the same time (multiple approaches to solving the game)
Screensaver Mode: breed and choose your own fish
for your built-in screensaver
Totally Relaxing Game: care for your fish without timers in a soothing aquarium environment!
No time pressure - No stress - No violence
Adjustable difficulty and flow of time
Tutorial mode to help get you started


"Fish Tycoon is clearly fun to
play at any age. Moreover, it
passed my educational
content test with flying
fish colors. "
Ages: 6 & Up

Version 1.1
INFRARED BEAMING: Trade or share fish with your family and friends!
Tapwave Zodiac
  If you want to buy Fish Tycoon for the Tapwave Zodiac please contact us through our support form
What the Press Says
  "The graphics are stunning, the game play is addicting, and the overall experience playing this game it has been one of the best that I have experienced on any game whether it be on the PDA or home PC. This game is a winner!" David Eaton, PDArcade
"If you thrive on games like The Sims or Rollercoaster Tycoon, you may find Fish Tycoon and Plant Tycoon to be just what you've been looking for! " Heather Wardell , Computing Unplugged
  "Vegetarian and Seafood Lovers Buffet" Tapland
"it’s a novel and enjoyable addition to your Palm" Geekzone
  "... it's a welcome break from the standard arcade, shoot 'em up, and puzzle games...." Pocket Goddess
  ".. every spare minute you have is taken up with I'm just checking on my plants." Alsicole, Daily Gadget
"You often feel like a mad scientist, trying to breed the perfect creature" PDA Buyer's Guide
"I recommend everyone to download the trial and give it a try"
Zodiac gamer
      "There's an undeniable fashination in watching the little animated swimming fish grow and flourish...." Palmtop User  
"These real time games are a hoot and LDW has mastered the genre on Palm OS. Highly reccomended." Lianne,
"This game is very involving and very rewarding.."
Judie's Diary, The Gadgeteer
"..The Best Sims Yet...." Ronny Ko, Bityard Magazine>
  Fish Tycoon macht süchtig, und das ziemlich schnell.  Erste deutsche Palmuser Group
  "Este es un jeugo clasico" PDA Mexico
"If you enjoyed Plant Tycoon and were left craving more, try Fish Tycoon"
Handheld Freaks
What the Customers Say        
    I'm not into sim-type games, and my wife loathes video games, so it's quite amazing that we BOTH love this game! Reviewer from Bay Area, CA
Totally addicting ! What a great game. I kept reaching for my T3 just to see how my fish were doing. All the time. Palmgear Users
"Fish Tycoon is a extremely entertaining and well made game that is suitable for any ange from child to adult. It is educational for children by teaching them to learn how to run a business. The graphics are beautiful. The fact that it runs on real time lets all the stuff you don't want to wait for happen while you are away. It is fabulous!" Reviewer from NY

"I have a very stresfull job, and if I ever feel like tearing my hair out, I just play my Fish Tycoon! I have been addicted to it ever since I bought it 2 weeks ago. My husband is even starting to get jealous :)" Reviewer from Denver

I usually stick with freeware games because I get bored easily. However, this one is well worth the time and money. When I found 2 Magic Fish using only the demo, I knew I had to register and find the other 5. Palmgear Users








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