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How do you sell fish ?
When you have grown up fish, drag them in the selling tank (tank $-----the third tab in the main screen) and then click on the button "sell fish" . This will direct you to the FISH STORE and you will see little people walking around. On the bottom you will have all the info you need: how many fish you still have to sell, your money, and a sign when a fish is sold with the picture of the fish..

How do you turn your aquarium into a screensaver?
Go to the options page --> Preferences --> Game Speed --> Pause and click OK. You will be directed to the menu page and click on "Resume Game": you will then be into Screensaver Mode and the fish will not age, die etc.
To go back into the Game just do the opposite:
Go back to the options page --> Preferences --> Game Speed --> click on the speed you want to play at.

How do you back up the game ?
1) Go to preferences and "pause" the game
2) Use a utility such as "Backup Buddy"or "Backup Man" (make sure to check the setting for "save unsaved preferences" so that this is enabled) and backup the device completely.
3) Restore all the above data to your new device (which of course means doing a full restore to the new device).
4) Unpause the game

How do I find the Magic Fish of Isola?
Players are constantly collaborating and help can be found on the forums of Fish Tycoon.

How many total species of Fish are there?
More than 400!

Does it matter where I drop the food in the tank?
No, it does not matter.

Does it matter where I drop the meds in the tank?
No, the meds quickly spread through out the water!

Will the meds harm my healthy fish ?
Normal doses will not harm healthy fish!

What is the Mystery Chemical?
The Mystery Chemical is of an unknown origin, but it seems to have an effect on the DNA of adult fish.












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