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  LDW Software Plants its First Seeds in the Windows Mobile Garden with Plant Tycoon Game  
  New virtual plant nursery game promises to "really grow on you."  

SAN FRANCISCO — August 2, 2004 — LDW Software, a top producer of real-time games and simulations for Palm OS devices, has ported its award-winning Plant Tycoon game to the Windows Mobile software for Pocket PCs platform. Plant Tycoon, the company's first product for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs, has been hailed for its real-time game play-it continues to play even when the device is turned off-vibrant graphics, and addictive nature of the game-play. The game was the 2003 winner of "Simulation Game of the Year" by PDArcade.
"We are excited that LDW Software has chosen to extend Plant Tycoon to take advantage of the superior multimedia features of the Windows Mobile platform," said Karen Carter, group product manager for the Mobile and Embedded Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. "LDW Software has an excellent track record of producing challenging and interactive games with vibrant graphics-a formula for success on the Windows Mobile platform."
Plant Tycoon sets players on a journey to create a virtual nursery of wildly diverse plants, cross-pollinating numerous varieties along the way to discovering the genetic codes for four magical plants. To finance the research necessary to pollinate and harvest the four magical plants, players must sell their discoveries along the way to earn the financial resources vital to acquiring special enhancements-such as exotic seeds, soil upgrades, radioactive plant food, and Insta-Grow fertilizer.
Unique among games for mobile devices is the "real-time" nature of growing a virtual plant nursery in Plant Tycoon. Unless a player pauses the game, plants will continue to grow and thrive, or whither and perhaps become bug infested-depending on how often the player monitors and nurtures the plants in the nursery.
"We are very excited to launch our first game for the Windows Mobile platform, not only introducing our games to an entirely new marketplace, but expanding our technical capabilities to develop new and exciting handheld games," said Arthur Humphrey, LDW Software's CEO. "We realize Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC users have high expectations, and Plant Tycoon is an excellent introduction to the type of games they should expect to see from us in the future. Plant Tycoon will really shine on this platform."

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