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  LDW Software Reveals New Website, New Image
  LDW Software’s “Last Day of Work”: The Fun Starts Now!  

SAN FRANCISCO - - September 26, 2004 - LDW Software, a top producer of real-time games and simulations for Palm OS and Pocket PC devices, including the award-winning Plant Tycoon and the best-selling Fish Tycoon, has reemerged with a new look, a new website, and a new name: “Last Day of Work”.

"We are excited to debut our new image and our new name. We have been delighted with the reaction to Last Day of Work, and we think it captures the essence of our unique and addictive games.” said Arthur Humphrey, CEO of Last Day of Work. The new website extends this new brand with a bright, clean design and an improved ergonomic layout.

Last Day of Work is famous for their unique games which feature "real-time" game play. In Plant Tycoon players are challenged to care for a virtual garden, where they can grow and cross-breed plants and in Fish Tycoon players are nurturing and cultivating exotic tropical fish. Both games feature puzzle-oriented nonviolent game play, and continue running whether the device is turned on or off, requiring the player to be attentive and offering new surprises each time the game is turned on.

About Last Day of Work
Last Day of Work is a Northern California based independent game development studio.
The company specializes in handheld games that bend the definitions of existing genres and run in true real-time. For more information, visit














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