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  Real-time Fish Breeding Sim for Palm OS and Tapwave Zodiac
  For Immediate Release  

San Francisco, CA (May 2004) - LDW Software is proud to announce the release of Fish Tycoon 1.0, a true real-time fish breeding sim game for Palm OS, Tapwave Zodiac, and Sony Clie devices. Fish Tycoon is the follow-up to their award winning plant breeding sim, and features beautiful hi-resolution fish that grow, breed, and eat both while the device is turned on--and when it's off!

In Fish Tycoon the player is on the exotic island of Isola and must figure out why all the fish have disappeared. The player starts with a small selection of fish, some money and a tank. He must breed the fish, help them grow and cure them if they get sick. Along the way the player also has to purchase upgrades and research technologies. He will finances this by selling the more exotic breeds in a fish shop until he discovers the 7 Magic Fish that will help restore the island.

Fish Tycoon features multiple beautiful hi-resolution fish tanks, 421 exotic breeds to discover, a fantasy storyline, and a genetic puzzle to solve. The game runs in real-time so that if the device is turned off, hours later - when you turn the device on - small fish will have grown larger and the world remains persistent. The surprise (positive and negative) aspect that comes with the game has proven to be extremely addictive. The game can additionally be paused and turned into a screensaver with the fish that you chose and decided to breed.

Fish Tycoon offers the player relaxing, non-violent gameplay in this unique real-time setting. It has been described as a real tiny aquarium in your pocket.

System Requirements
Palm OS based device (Sony Clie, Tapwave Zodiac, Palmone devices)
OS 5.x
1280kb RAM

Price and Availability
Fish Tycoon will be available starting May 1, 2004. The price is 19.95, and is available online from


LDW Software is a Northern California based independent game development studio. We specialize in handheld games that bend the definitions of existing genres and run in true real-time.

Evaluation copy available upon request







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