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Is there a limit in the population size?
The population limit is around 90 villagers.

I always run out of berries before i can get enough tech points to increase my harvest level?
Try to put more people at the research table. Also you don't need to always have someone at the berry bush. If there's enough food in your bin (like 150 or so ... even 100 is good for early on in the game), allow that farmer to do some research. Then once your food dips below a certain point, put that farmer back on the berry bush. Remember also that children can spot mushrooms around the village and help increase the food level.

At what age can kids start working and breeding?
Working at 14 and breeding at 18.

How do you build new huts?
Just drag a villager on the construction site (foundations) and he will start constructing. It may take a few tries to get the villager started.

How do I know where to start construction?
Drag the villagers around (hold the villager and don't let go) and they will tell you what they see.

How do you accumulate tech points ?
Drag a villager to the research table (center of the village) and they will initiate research and start gaining points. You can also check the preferred skill box for research so that they prefer that activity over the others!

What can children do?
Children can spot mushrooms around the village. But act quickly, because mushrooms wilt rapidly in the sun.

How is Virtual Villagers different from Village Sim?
Virtual Villagers is basically the desktop version of Village Sim. Since Virtual Villagers was developed after Village Sim, it has some additional features like: 4 addtional puzzles, naming of villagers, more island events, likes and dislikes of villagers, mushroom hunt for children, new original music.

How do I become a beta tester?
Go to our Beta Test Program, fill in the application and send it to us.













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